Random Thoughts show (and Gullifty's) is closed

September 01, 2013 | Comments: 0 |

My show "Random Thoughts" is now closed.  All of the artwork has been taken down, and returned to my house (where will I store it all!?).  Nobody was yet needing it to be taken down, but sadly, after 31 years in existance, Gullifty's is now closed as well.   It was a lot of fun to have my artwork all over the walls for so long!


It's sad to think that the economy moves and changes so much that things that have been in place for decades must close; and a place that is known throughout Pittsburgh as having the best deserts for so many years running that it almost seems it should be the Gullifty's Award, not the Best Desert Award.  Maybe they'll rename the award.  Well, maybe not.


In any event, it was fun having my artwork up for so long;  I got to see what people were enjoying, and received many comments on the different styles.

So, for those of you who missed the show, Sorry!   Maybe next time!