Jason Prague notes

July 13, 2008 | Comments: 0 | Categories:
Well, here we are in Prague, or Praha as the natives spell it. We don't seem to have free time until Sunday, so I'll just post we are here and that some of the buildings are incredible. Oddly enough, the buildings are mostly coated in stucco... or what I would call the old equivalent of it is. This makes sense more or less, but I was not expecting it. A local explained that bricks or stone would be considered provicial, or out in the sticks. So they have them all coated and decorated.

We visisted the "Ostuary" of the "Bone Church"... 40,000 people's bones are piled high and made into ornamentation, such as a chandelier made of human bones. Odd feeling; we went in, expecting it to be more macabe', but I guess Disney has reduced things like skull and crossbones to some thing else. It just didn't seem quite so real to me...

Anyway, we're off in a bit to go see Terezinstadt, a german concentration camp. Don't we see the most fun things here? We'll post some photos when we come back.