London - second day of class

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In the last post, we were in the first class lounge waiting for our flight to London. We arrived about 45 minutes late - really not bad at all. Then spent over an hour "on queue" for passport control. (I'm learning to speak British <smile>.) Once through all that, then the underground (or tube) to a couple of blocks from our flat, then walking the rest of the way.

We are in Central London, not far from King's Cross (remember Harry Potter?) It is very easy for us to get to anywhere in London in a very short time.

So, Friday.... We got checked in, found some lunch, then in an attempt to stay awake, we popped over to the British Museum. Unfortunately, we were both too tired to appreciate the fine art there. So we walked home and stayed awake as long as we could. Geri fell asleep at 4 pm and slept about 15 hours. Jason fell asleep about 8 pm, and only slept a few hours. We were on the side of the building facing a very busy (all night long) street, and he is not a city person. So while Geri slept through it all, the noise kept Jason awake.

Saturday, we did some shopping for groceries and supplies. Our flat has a small kitchen, so we can cook. This is a good thing, since prices in London are literally double the prices in the US. You look at a lunch menu and think that 7 pounds is not bad for a burger. Then do the calculations and realize the burger is really $14. Yikes! We met Darcy Green (our professor) on Saturday evening, and had a lovely dinner and chat.

Sunday, Jason, Darcy, and I went to the airport to meet most of the rest of the class. We got them to their dorms and settled in a bit. Our first class meeting was at 2pm, and we had a "scavenger hunt" assignment to complete. We had to find certain things and photograph them, such as an old fashioned telephone box, or a London taxi. This was to keep everyone awake and to get them familiar with the neighborhood. Then we met for an organizational meeting and went to the Thames to ride the London Eye. (except for Geri who is afraid of heights).

Monday our class started. We had many meetings dealing with the study abroad program and safety in London. Then later we met to look over our photos from Sunday. Then we went to a gallery showing of college student photography and had a wonderful Indian dinner in the very ethnic neighborhood where the gallery was located. We got our first assignment on Monday, but no real time to start it.

Tuesday, Jason and I did laundry (instead of starting our project). Then we all met in the afternoon with Grace Robertson - a truly amazing lady photographer who is now almost 80. A talented photographer, and a lovely lady too. Her talk was quite inspiring. Jason and I were fortunate to have dinner later with Darcy and Grace. Then we met our class again to do night photography around London. We just got back 1/2 hour ago - it is now midnight here.

I have not had time to process much of the photos, but here is a picture I took on Sunday evening of the Parliament and Big Ben while the others were riding the Eye. I really like the golden evening light on the clock.

Parliament and Big Ben