Photo trip to Isle of Eigg

May 16, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

Just got back from a rather nice photography trip with Richard Childs to the Isle of Eigg, in Scotland.   Had a wonderful time, and got some very nice images.  One recommendation if anyone is tempted to do photography tours:  don't try so hard!  I was trying to hard the first couple of days, and got fairly discouraged.  Once I relaxed, and took my time, I started to see my images better, and ended up with a few I quite like.

Geri and I went up to Mallaig the weekend before our tour, and took a day trip over the the Isle of Skye.  That was also interesting; a very imposing landscape.  Can't say I got wonderful images (since I didn't), but we did enjoy ourselves and found that the Isle of Skye has a Serpentarium,   a sort of herpetology rescue house.  Yep, they rescue snakes, mostly, along with a few lizard type critters.  Very interesting!

Then back to Mallaig, and up early.  Turns out that my normal rising time of Oh-Dark-Hundred (sometimes read as TDE, To Da** Early) works out just fine for photography trips!  I was usually up and ready to go before most people were even out of bed yet.. :}  We usually went out for an hour or two to catch the early morning light, came back for breakfast and general wake-up (for others), and then headed back out again.  Spent the morning and early afternoon hours either looking at places we might come back to for sunset or next morning,  and then returned in time for dinner.  After dinner, grabbed our cameras again and headed for the beach.

The side we spent most of our time on was facing south of west, so sunsets ran along parts of the beach (well, where the shore met the ocean, anyway) and across a channel to land behind the Isle of Rum.  So our evening shots got various parts of rocks/beaches/etc, water and the Isle of Rum.

Our first couple of days there were on the incredible side.. I.e., no clouds at all.  "Blue sky days", as Richard put it.  Didn't make for the most gorgeous of sunsets, but did lend itself to interesting shadow shapes and what not.  Richard talked about light most of the time; I learned quite a bit about finding the right time and places for things.

The last couple of days there were appropriately cloudy; i.e., just enough to make interesting skies! Wonderful weather! Richard said he ordered it ahead of time, so if you're inclined to go with him on a tour, remind him to order his skies early!

In any event, check out my images in my gallery from Eigg, and enjoy!