UK and Prague Photo Tour

June 19, 2008 | Comments: 0 | Categories:
We're on our way! After about 6 months of planning and organizing our trip has just started. Jason and I are between flights at JFK - just waiting for our flight to London. We are joining our class there - we are taking a photo-journalism class through Michigan State University (MSU).

We registered as life-long learners at MSU, which allows us to take classes for credit. We are meeting 16 other students (average age about 21), and the professor Darcy Greene in London on Sunday. We'll be travelling together for a bit over 6 weeks - London, Prague, Leeds, Oban, and Ediburgh. Then Jason and I are spending a few days near Cardiff before returning home.

With jobs, a business, and a home, it took quite a bit of planning and finding a house sitter to be gone that long!

We are both looking forward to immersing ourselves in photography for the next 7 weeks. we'll try to keep up some travel notes (and photos) in this blog. Here are some photos from the first class lounge for Virgin Atlantic. We splurged for this trip and are really enjoying the comfort of first class.

Jason used his new Canon PowerShot SD870 IS camera for these. He calls it his "stealth" camera. Compared to our "real" cameras, it is a silly little camera, but fits in his pocket and takes some surprisingly nice photos. But it will never replace the DS Mark II. He's saving for the DS Mark III for that.

lounge at JFK
Friendly Attendants at JFK